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Eat Less Shit

In The Food Post, I laid out an argument for how our food system, globally, is seriously broken. I listed things to do in order to become more resilient to a food Black Swan. But I didn't dig into the details of what that means for the modern diet, except in general terms.

That's a warning because nothing pisses people off more than having someone tell them how to eat. Especially an annoying middle-class foodie with a dozen kinds of fancy salt. The whole thing is so fraught with social and political consequences, that it's akin to suggesting that someone would be a better person if they changed their race or religion. It's OFFENSIVE.

If you're prone to this sort of reaction, get ready to be pissed off.
Life is too short to eat shit This is one of my personal maxims (what, you don't have personal maxims?). It means that I don't want to take time out of my life to:
Eat crap that makes me feel bad and doesn't even taste that goodSwallow the bullshit from go…

Practical Magic

Really interesting couple of blog posts that got me to thinking about the way I approach magic in my life:
First, over at RuneSoup, Gordon talks about launching sigils concurrently. To me this is the epitome of agile magic.Then I got pointed to Disrupt & Repair (which looks awesome and I will be reading from now on), where in responding to Gordon's post, Ian puts results firmly second to the act of magic itself. This got me to thinking about my own approach to magic, which has a very specific and strong bias, based on my own personality and needs. If you're working along with the PMPM posts (or would like to start), then you should be aware of this because it colors the way I work and the way I present my workings.

Full disclosure: I am completely, unalterably, and deep to my core a fundamentally practical person -- results oriented all the way. Even my hobbies are practical (knitting, canning, baking, painting -- but only sigil paintings)! It's like if there isn't …

In the Wilderness

This is not a well-crafted post. It's 3:30 am and I can't sleep. I've had three nosebleeds in the past few days. My lips and throat are dry. My eyes feel filled with sand. See, in the midst of the hurricane, I decided to up and abscond to the wilderness. To the home of the ancestors... I just mistyped that as answers, which is equally appropriate. Of course, you bring the wind with you when you try most to dodge it.

Or to be less cryptic, I'm visiting my family in the desert. A visit planned before I knew that all psudo-mundane craziness was going to hit back home.

I hate the desert where I grew up. The water tastes like death. The food lacks nourishment. The land will attempt to suck you dry. Plus it's weighed down with all baggage that comes from growing up weird in a small town. The lack of options were like a lack of oxygen. It's takes a lot of nurturing for plants to grow here... children too I suppose.

Of course I am also fully aware of its unique element…

PMPM -- Initiation

Time to kick off our Practical Magic Project Management (PMPM) Working. If you want to work along, pick your objective and expect a new post every other week or so for the next half year. Also, see my offer for deeper content via email -- it's free.

Previously, I talked about the PMI Process Groups. These five areas govern the categories of processes that happen during a project (or working). The first group is Initiation, and while it's one of the least complex, it's also one of the most important. While all the groups overlap, initiation really does need to be front loaded because it defines and authorizes the project.

During initiation, you need to do three things:
Develop your project charterIdentify your stakeholdersInitiate the project Charter Your project charter describes, at a high level, what your project is about. It's like a map describing the landscape of your project (the charter is much more a cartography of your project than a chart on paper).

In a corpo…

Quick Status

Head's up. The amount of stuff in my life has compressed like a diamond. I feel like I'm moving in some sort of weird slowdown mode where deadlines and tasks and complex logistics are flying at me way faster than possible according to the laws of physics.

Expect the PMPM Initiation post sometime this coming week.