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You're Anti, You're Anti-social

Clearly, I'm anti-social.

I don't have a Facebook account.

I did have one, though I rarely used it and only had a few friends. But I dropped it permanently after the emotional manipulation experiment came to light. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that others didn't follow suit.

If you don't include blogs and forums, the only social media I have is a professional LinkedIn profile. This is a requirement for my career, but I don't use it as a social media platform so much as a combination online resume and professional contact tracker. It's incredibly useful (and yes, I've gotten jobs from LinkedIn -- people always ask this), but the groups and posting and other social elements I ignore. I also use a couple of other tools with social components, but I don't treat them as social platforms (Waze, for example). I use them to inform myself, but don't have any inclination to chat, message, track points, etc.

The spouse has a Facebook still, with a ha…

That Particular Door to Hell

The national media has been a-buzz with the news of a young college student creating a gun-shooting drone. The device doesn't seem to break any laws, at least not in Connecticut, but it is mighty creepy and unsettling to local and national law enforcement. Of course, it's also nothing new. Unmanned aerial vehicles for combat use have a long history, from the  mid 1800s through WWII and into the 'modern' age. Just like their use for surveillance wasn't invented by Obama to stress out Tea Party conservatives.

The interesting thing about this story it that it's a perfect confluence of a couple of things that I've been wanting to talk about.

Some time back in 2013, I commented on RuneSoup that I'd been seeing a huge PR campaign for drones recently. They were being highlighted as innovative, helpful, and even cute in a series of ads and TV shows. They were being used to help the Top Gear cast scout upriver on one of their highly staged "adventures"…

PMPM -- Planning Part One

First of all, I need to stop pretending that I'm going to spend time writing blog posts while I'm traveling for work. Between the meetings I'm there for, keeping on top of stuff back at the office, professional dinners with lots of professional drinking, and cramming in sightseeing and shopping in every spare minute -- well, let's just say that you are all awesome, but not as awesome as Tokyo.

Also, I've got some additional responsibilities in my professional life... the scary but good kind that will stretch me personally and professionally and, with luck and effort, reward me in kind. This means that I'm even busier and under a brighter spotlight than before. Still, we've started something important here and I refuse to let it drop.

So, it's been a couple of weeks since you kicked off your major PMPM working and you know at a high level what, where, and how you will achieve your goal. Have you initiated your project? If so, it's time to get going. …

Hot Crossed Mess -- with Bonus Book Review

At the start of spring, I was feeling generally horrible. I was constantly exhausted, but sleeping badly, with little energy during the day. I was bloated. I found my willpower was at a low ebb as well, and I was eating shit (shame on my hypocritical self) and not getting much of anything done. Everything felt sort of sideways in my life. And while my immediate family relationships were going fine, the general malaise was starting to affect that as well.

I couldn't write it off to seasonal effects as my favorite season was in full bloom outside (my low energy season is usually Jan/Feb). And there was no recent change, shock, event, or trauma that could explain it -- there was no visible external cause. At some point, it occurred to me that I was crossed, and crossed big time. Note, crossed doesn't equal cursed. Cursed is someone actively working against you. Crossed is more general, meaning that you are in the way of some bad energy or thoughts or that your own energy and thou…