Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Sometimes I get sick of being so practical.

Last night I spent time talking philosophy and culture with some very smart folks at a party. Tonight I'm going to do some major witchcraft under the supermoon lunar eclipse (I keep reading on fluffy Wicca sites that it's unwise or dangerous to do magic during an eclipse... well, I certainly don't need any more excuse than that). It's a glowing September day, the blahs of the equinox are behind me (this is part of my next energy post, but my personal cycle has me feeling low during the equinoxes) and I'm looking forward to Hallows, the dark of winter, and the lights of the holiday season. I have several magical projects lined up (one for the partial solar eclipse). Not to mention the energy as we head into the predicted upheavals of next week.

It feels magical and wyrde and wonderful and terrible. It's almost painful to have to think of the practical and day-to-day, of logistics and project management and organization (not to mention work and laundry and groceries).

But this is why you have to have your house in order and your shit together. Why you have to have your goals stated and your plans made. All of that is groundwork so that when the stars align, the universal weather is right, and the energy of the land is at your fingertips... you are ready.

I realize my PMPM posts have been more PM (project management) than PM (practical magic) up until now. There's a reason for that. Any moderately skilled witch, sorcerer, or magician can raise some power and direct it. And if you aren't there yet, there are 1000 books that can get you there. But how do you manifest that into the world? And if that's not the goal, how do you keep your real life running while you do your great work?

These aren't academic questions. The world is a particularly unforgiving place right now. It takes real effort to make sure that you have a safe and secure place for yourself and your family (by the broadest definition of family, natch). If you have magical tools at your disposal, why wouldn't you use them?

At the same time, if you have larger goals for your magic, you equally need to be organized and directed and goal oriented. In a time and place where all things are permitted, magical living has never been more difficult. Persecution implies belief. But in the modern world, we aren't burned but commercialized, commoditized, humorized. If you want to do serious magic, you have to take your magic seriously.

Seneca the Younger (I love me some Stoics)
Our woolly-mutton-chopped friend above said: "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." You can say the same about magic. Magic happens where your preparation and planning meets the opportunity (the right alignment, the right day, the right event, the right synchronicity). All the pieces some together, all the sigils activated, all the offerings to spirits paying off.

When things are at their weirdest, that's when your practical planning is the most needed.


I'd like to take a moment to thank those who've written with feedback, suggestions, and insights into how they are using the material. People are telling me that they find the content valuable and are using it to make major changes in their lives. That's humbling. So the first six months of this PMPM project (what? of course it is, what did you think?) seems to be just about where I'd planned. Let's see what the next six months bring. In the mean time I'll be the one dancing under the blood dark eclipse moon.

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