Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PMPM - Project Execution... Get Shit Done

In any project, whether magical or mundane, the bulk of the effort goes into actually doing the work. That is, executing the tasks in the project. This is the Project Execution phase (shouting "off with your head!" while striking stuff off your todo list is optional though).

The good news is that unlike mundane project management, the act of planning can actually begin to manifest the results you want. The bad news is that you don't have a whole team of people to execute your plan for you. It's all on you (and maybe your servitors and spirits). That means we're going to segue away from a lot of formal project management (the kind that's meant for guiding and managing teams of others).

Because if you aren't getting the stuff done you want to get done, it's your fault. Physician heal thyself. And lets be honest, even if you know what you want and the steps you need to take to get there, it can be really hard to actually do it. Now if you are marching along with your plan, doing the things you need to do... well, that is awesome. But that's a rarity. If it were that easy, we'd all be richer, happier, and 10 pounds lighter. Actually getting shit done is hard. And the world we live in makes it even harder. That's my focus here... getting shit done when it's hard.

But before we start, I want to point you here for a quick refresh. Because the kind of stuff we're going to be getting into requires that you have the correct mindset.

I also want to point out that this applies to everyone, myself included. We all have times when we just aren't getting our shit done. I don't get a pass on this, in fact I should get less of a pass because of my l33t PMP credentials (cue eye rolling). I suck as much as anyone with certain kinds of workings.

So you have a goal, something you want to accomplish... but you aren't accomplishing it. The key question is why? There could be a number of reasons, some of which we've already addressed:
  • Inappropriate goal -- we've talked about goal setting and the importance of checking back in with your goals over time
  • Lack of planning -- after three posts, your working should be well planned, even over planned
  • Not knowing what you need to do -- agile management is the way to solve this problem
There are lots of other possible reasons that we haven't touched on... yet. You might not be getting your stuff done because of:
In the coming weeks I'm going to be touching on these (and any others I think of). This whole next series of posts are going to be on why you don't get the things done you want to get done... and what do to about it -- both practically and magically. If you got all excited about your project charter, but then things just petered out? If you kicked off your project, but then stopped making traction? If you've promised yourself that you will accomplish x so many times but it hasn't happened yet? This is for you... for all of us.

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