Saturday, October 10, 2015

Wrapping Up Time

In the past week, I've started four different posts, all of which are wrong, wrong, wrong.

After some flailing and, I admit, a bit of self judgement and doubt (why would anyone ever care about anything I have to say?), I realize that I'm suffering from a crisis of timing. See, it's a time for endings and not a time for new things. And I have several things dragging that I need to wrap up right now before I can resume forward momentum.

My family is just emerging from a long (4.5 years long actually) period of stress. The event that started this situation happened during a Mercury retrograde, so I knew that it would also end during one. For the past couple of years I've been hoping that each retrograde period would be the one. Finally, the situation resolved itself last week. The practical result is that the entire household promptly got bad colds. At the same time, we've been feeling a strong urge to kick off new projects and plans. However, the timing is not quite right.

I believe in astrology in a archetypal sort of way. As in, it's a useful tool for helping navigate the various eddies and currents, a place to look for patterns and synchronicity, but not to be taken literally. I routinely follow several different astrology blogs:
I prefer the work of these astrologers because they seem to have the same attitude toward astrology as I do. One of the things I find interesting about Astroblogic is how Gary warns, seemingly every month, to wait a day or so past the new moon to kick anything new off. That, except for the Cazimi Window, the period of the new moon itself is better for wrapping stuff up from the last lunar cycle. He's right of course, and as I've learned well in the past years, you can't force things before their time.

Before I can launch any new workings, I need to clean up like four years of existing ones that are finally no longer applicable. For me this means burying, burning, and sinking various physical components, deconsecrating others, and doing personal, familial, and household releasing.

Most "releasing" imagery on google has either doves or butterflies...
yeah, the stuff I'll be releasing isn't quite so sweetness and light.
It's also a good time for the initial planning that goes into crafting new workings. For example, I had several long-range goals that had been completely put on hold over the previous couple of years. Another project is one that the spouse and I are taking on together and we're just doing the initial discussion on what the desired results and success criteria are. But as exciting as all that is, before we can move on, we have to finish where we are at.

I'd like to do this as an ironic needlepoint

Hence the festival of colds. For me, illness usually acts as a message. I'm working too hard. Or I need to take time to reevaluate something. Or I need to slow down and not get ahead of myself. The worst sick I ever was (the kind of sick where you're not going to die -- but you wish you would) was a message that my job at the time was a terrible toxic place. The fact that the week I was completely out of commission was a critical week at work, well, when you ignore the subtle whispers of the universe the universe will start to bang on you with the astral clue-by-four.

This cold is all about off-loading the stress and anxiety from the past years before moving on to new things. I can almost feel the stress seeping out of my pores (and dripping out of my nose, to be honest with you). So all my struggles to do new things are just going to have to wait. My energy now has to focus on unraveling some current enchantments and release the associated energy in an appropriate way -- some back to me, but others to be dissolved or reabsorbed where they can't harm anyone. Oddly, I'm also being asked to deal with some VERY old stress (like 25 year old stress) as well. I can only hope that this purging of crap will result in a clean slate.

The way I see it, every household has some kind of 'tell'. A marker of the health of the household. You'd think that for us this would be food, but it's not. In fact, there are times when things are going well that our diet suffers (usually when we're having too much fun to eat right) and times when things are going badly that we really eat quite well. No, our bellweather, our canary in the coal mine is... the laundry.

Yes, you can tell how well our lives are functioning by taking one glance into the garage laundry room. Which was doing pretty good until about a week ago when the final stress hit. Now I'm in triage mode (which of these 26 loads is dirtiest, most needed, taking up the most room out here). Once again the message is clear. You have to take care of the old before you can move on to the new.



At October 15, 2015 at 5:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Avicenna says that the health crisis — bloody nose, snot, vomit, or diarrhea — points not only to which humour was out of balance, but also which 'world' or realm being was out of sorts. So a cold (I presume sinus congestion, such as I currently have, sigh) would point to an airy or intellectual source of stress.

I suppose one could also point to a household's management system in the same way — the library or office are the tell for the realm of air; the bedroom could be a tell for the realm of fire; the laundry, bathroom and kitchen are the tell for the realm of water; the laundry room and the garage are the tells for the realm of earth.

You're reminding me that I'm going to have to do some putting-in-order myself, pretty soon. Thanks for the reminder. I was away in Chicago last weekend, and picked up a cold, and the house is a disaster... disorder in all four realms!

At October 15, 2015 at 9:19 PM , Blogger Ivy said...

Yes, that's excellent! I particularly like the idea that room use corresponds to the general health of the household.

There's a lot there to dig into and several different systems you could apply in this way. For example, Caroline Myss has a system of healing based on problems with different areas related to different life issues. I'm not super familiar, but my old Sensei swore by her work. Or you could also use the chakras (so issues with the respiratory system are due to an issue expressing yourself and could be treated with blueberries, sapphires, mint, etc.).

In terms of the house, Western Feng Shui (which sounds flaky except that it seems to really work) assigns different rooms to different areas. So if your kitchen is in the family area of the house, disorder in the kitchen manifests as family discord.

I think that through the weirdness that manifests when intent meets archetypal symbolism meets a history of belief, any system that you thoroughly embrace would probably work.


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