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FAQs about My Pro Services

First of all, thank you so much for all the interest in my first official Proccultist service (and thanks to Jason Miller for that nifty term -- he gets all the credit). A couple of people had questions, so I thought I'd put up a quick FAQ.

1. What's different about your Black Swan Divination (AKA: why is it worth it)? This is a totally legitimate question. There are tons of skilled readers out there and I certainly don't claim to have cornered the market on divination ability. The Black Swan Divination has several unique characteristics: It's a comprehensive life reading in three parts. The reading asks what's going to happen in every major domain of your life. For those areas where a major upset -- either positive or negative -- is coming (a Black Swan) it then suggests where to look for more information and gives you the most likely outcome. Finally, for outcomes that are potentially negative or highly uncertain, it digs deep and tells you what to do about them. …

PMPM Execution -- Task Estimation

This is part of my PMPM series. For other posts related to magical project execution, see the main Execution post.

We've been looking at project execution. Specifically, all things that can keep you from doing what you need to do in order to meet your PMPM goals. While magical project management can give you a boost in terms of achievement, we still need to get the work done. One of the ways this goes sideways is in task estimation, which seems to be a failing of human nature.

Let's say you get up on a Sunday morning and decide you want to clean the garage, which is a gigantic, epic mess. You can image your newly clean garage and picture being able to park your car in it, find all your tools and garden supplies when you need them, and have the space to work on various projects. Your mind jumps to the wonderful conclusion and you get started with great enthusiasm.

Fast forward to six PM. You're exhausted, you're filthy, you're hungry. Your kids are complaining becau…

Sometimes They Take What they Want

Interesting discussion going on. First, Jason over at Strategic Sorcery talked about offering disposal. Then Gordon at Runesoup took up the topic with a more general overview of the economics of offerings. Both are well worth a read (although honestly, do I have a single reader who doesn't already read these two blogs?).

The one interesting aspect that wasn't covered is the ability of certain entities to take offerings for themselves.

When you make offerings to higher beings (angels, deities, major land spirits) that you're interested in working with, you are setting up a symbiotic relationship. More than just an economic transaction, you're asking to create a bond. But this can work in reverse as well.

Imagine that you live near a large river. The river's original name was "The Great River" in the local languages of the people who settled its banks thousands of years ago. The river has a huge body of mythology and folklore built up around it.

Of course t…

Shit Multiplies

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I have a recurring stressful dream where I'm staying somewhere away from home (a hotel, friend's house, vacation house, etc.). In the dream, it's time to get packed in order to leave. However I can't because all my things are strewn everywhere and mixed in with the other items in the house. Many times, they are mixed in with other people's items. I can't go until I sort out and collect all my things.
Now there are dreams that include subtle and difficult to interpret symbolism... but this isn't one of them. No, this is what I call a "getting your shit together" dream and it's a signal to me to take some time to organize my life in general (or alternately that I'm worried about organizing my life).
In my last project execution post, I talked about Logistics, particularly as it applies to project execution. And in the Organization post, I suggested a bunch of different ways of keeping track…

I'm Going Pro

So, the feedback from everyone who's gotten a reading so far has been great. It's really honed my development of the readings, to the point that they've all left the beta stage. I think it's safe to say that the readings as I'm doing them now are version 2.0 compared to the ones I originally posted.

So, it's time to go pro.

Who am I?

A certified Project Management Professional (yes, that's a thing) who makes a living helping teams prioritize, identify risks, resolve issues, and get shit done.A witch and sorcerer with a gift for integrating magic and practicality to get real world results. A second generation Tarot reader with professional training in risk management, gap analysis, and one-on-one consulting.

The Black Swan Divination
-- See what shocks are coming in your life and what to do about it --

What is the Black Swan Divination?
The Black Swan Divination is an integrated three part reading designed to keep you from getting blindsided by the unknown-unkno…

Routines and habits

Please note, the following content was a response to something related on a private list. The response got too long, so I dumped it here. It's not exactly out of bounds. All personal information has been removed.
I happen to have a pretty steady schedule and if I don’t keep routines, things will get all messed up fast. But not everyone is like that. If you are the type of person who has a hard time making regular routines, here are some suggestions for you...
Years ago, I had a friend who was a successful, self-employed professional, but who had a wildly irregular schedule. This women was massively busy and yet got a ton of stuff done (work, personal, spiritual, hobbies, travel, etc.).
So, we stayed at her house for about a week once on vacation and I got to watching how she accomplished everything. Here was her trick: She did stuff when she had time to do stuff, not when it was the “right time.” If she wanted to work on a project, she worked on it, and didn’t care what time of d…

Mind War: Part Four -- A Little Bit Crazy

So we talked about mental health in a very serious way in part two of this series (for other posts, see the Overview page). The key conclusion was that our modern world is driving a significant number of us crazy. And I mean the negative, bad kind of crazy.

But there's another kind of crazy. And it's the kind that our world doesn't make room for. It's the good kind. The helpful kind. The Dionysian kind of crazy.

This has been on my mind a lot lately because I've been going to the gym...

Wait, that really does make sense. One of my personal goals is to get more exercise. The reason I want more exercise isn't to lose weight or to look hot, it's to have more energy and to feel better. See, exercise is really good for your mental health and happiness. So because I live in an area of the country where the weather is wet and miserable for a significant number of the winter months, and because I tend to be chilly and don't like to exert myself in that kind of …