Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'm Going Pro

So, the feedback from everyone who's gotten a reading so far has been great. It's really honed my development of the readings, to the point that they've all left the beta stage. I think it's safe to say that the readings as I'm doing them now are version 2.0 compared to the ones I originally posted.

So, it's time to go pro.

Who am I?

  • A certified Project Management Professional (yes, that's a thing) who makes a living helping teams prioritize, identify risks, resolve issues, and get shit done.
  • A witch and sorcerer with a gift for integrating magic and practicality to get real world results. 
  • A second generation Tarot reader with professional training in risk management, gap analysis, and one-on-one consulting.

The Black Swan Divination
-- See what shocks are coming in your life and what to do about it --

What is the Black Swan Divination?
The Black Swan Divination is an integrated three part reading designed to keep you from getting blindsided by the unknown-unknowns. Not only does it tell you what shocks are coming in your life and what the outcome will be, it gives you solid advice on how to react to those shocks.

This reading is very different than others you may have had. Unlike a general Celtic Cross, this reading is based on your specific life context and the result includes practical advice for what to do. The Black Swan Divination doesn't just tell you what's going to happen, it outlines the corrects response to those events -- whether you avoid them, react to them, or even benefit from them.

About the Black Swan
Nassim Nicholas Taleb proposed the concept of a Black Swan in his seminal work of the same name.

A Black Swan is an event that:
  • Is a surprise
  • Has a major effect
  • Is rationalized after the fact (we should have seen this coming)

Our modern world is filled with the opportunity for Black Swans -- negative and positive. Taleb talks about environments that are prone to having extreme effects come from very minor causes. He calls this Extremistan, and we all live there. Small inputs can have outsized results -- Black Swan events.

Here's an example from Bertrand Russell: There's a turkey living on the farm. He's fat and happy. Life is good. Every day the farmer feeds him and he has to do nothing but grow large and fat and idle about on the farm. In his experience, this is the entirety of existence and will go on forever. But when Thanksgiving comes, the turkey will experience a Black Swan of terminal impact. The unpredictable -- the unthinkable -- will happen.

The farmer, on the other hand, has no such illusions. He knows what happens when autumn comes. It's no Black Swan for him as he feeds the bird and it's no Black Swan when he swings the ax.

Be the farmer, not the turkey.

Price: $100 - includes reading, photos of the layout, a full written debrief, and follow up email in case you have questions

See the Services page for details

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