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New Service! The Life-Crafting Divination

Forget about fortune telling...Start creating your own fortune today! Can't decide between my two most popular readings? Now you don't have to...

The Black Swan Divination helps you see what shocks are coming in your life and -- more importantly -- what to do about them right now

This is a great reading for when you are building the life you want and you don't want anything to come along and either derail your goals or be an opportunity you aren't ready for.

The Multiverse Divination helps you create the future you want to achieve

This is perfect if you have a goal but aren't sure which path will get you there or are looking for new ideas.

These readings aren't fortune-telling, they are fortune creating! It's a whole different ballgame, with you in the driver's seat, creating the life you want -- starting right now. This is where the magic happens!

But what if you can't decide between these readings? Now you don't have to!

I've combined the p…

Butterfly Hunting for Fun and Profit

In case you aren't familiar, a "butterfly" in CircleThrice lingo is a magical target with a lot of leverage for future change. It's the butterfly you jostle in order to get the hurricane and the key concept of my Multiverse Reading (that price won't last long by the way, in case you've been thinking about taking the first step in creating your future). It's also the core of an interesting and complex divination / magical working called Smashing Butterflies.

But apart from divination (which focuses on getting you to a known future point through correct selection of present action) how do you find butterflies? A good butterfly has the following characteristics:

The Right Amount of Chaos

A good magical target has a certain amount of chaos, but not too much. See, if there's no chaos, then it's hard to use magic to leverage the system. But too much chaos isn't good either, because the results can easily get out of control. Weather has too much chaos…

Sustain-ability: The Anti-rant Rant

The spouse is a great source of awesome stuff on the Internet. He has a knack for finding really interesting and cool things that make me think (or laugh, sometimes both). He also has this superpower where he always knows what's going to be best on a menu. Seriously, at this point I just have what he's having...

Anyway, he passed along this really great article on why complaining is terrible for you. The TL;DR version is that complaining is bad for you because:

It rewires your brain to be more pessimistic and is therefore bad for your mental health.It's contagious and can create a terrible feedback loop in social groups.It's bad for your physical health due to the stress it causes.
Now, I want to be very careful here not to conflate the danger of complaining with a lack of reason for complaining. There are certainly reasons that people might feel like they can complain. For example: 783 million people don't have access to clean drinking water, 795 million don't …

Star.Ships: a Mythological Narrative

Enough about me... let's talk about Gordon over at Runesoup and his lovely, lovely new book Star.Ships.

I'd like to start with the book itself as a cult object. Scarlet Imprint always does a lovely job with their books (though my direct experience is with their beautiful hardbacks rather than their more expensive limited editions). Star.Ships is no different. It's a beautiful book, rich paper, great font, cover softly glowing and combining themes of sea and star. My one complaint in readability is that the indenting makes it challenging to follow the quoting. However now that I've completed the book, I suspect this may have been a deliberate choice considering the structure of the content itself.
Star.Ships is a very readable book. Its language is easy to parse and the conclusions are presented clearly. This might lead the casual reader to assume that the book is lacking in the depth that more philosophically written books might have. But that would be a mistake.
In my…

Blogiversary Week Wrapup -- Win a free reading!

Well, it's been an amazing week here at CircleThrice:
I released a new reading: order the Multiverse Divination and create the future you want.I announced a referral program. Refer someone and get a coupon for $10 off.I kicked off a new series -- Sustain-ability -- to explore the concepts of creating a sustainable life. And finally, I wanted to end my week with a special announcement...
You can win a free reading here at CircleThrice!

I really enjoy helping people create the future they want. The readings are a lot of work to do -- this isn't typical fortune telling -- but I really love doing them. And the readings are just the beginning. But I can't help people if they don't know about me.

So I'd like to ask all of you for your help.

If you talk about me -- on your blog, on your Facebook, in a Tweet, whatever -- and include a link back here to, I'll enter you into a giveaway to win any reading I offer, for free! Just email me with a link to…

Sustain-ability Kickoff

I kicked off this blog -- a year ago this week -- with three areas I wanted to focus on: Practical Magic Project Management (PMPM)Black Swan divinationsSustainable sorcery (with apologies to Jason and his wonderful "Strategic Sorcery") The first two have gotten a ton of attention over the past year, but the third not so much. Until now. This week, I'm kicking off a new series, one designed to use the principles of sustainable systems design -- and a large dose of magic and divination -- to help you create a more sustainable life.
I wanted to start by reposting my original introduction to sustainability, which I posted on the Spring Equinox last year:  Sustainability
An interesting example of a word with a broader meaning that's been, in recent years, co-opted exclusively for a single domain. Sustainable has come to be a synonym for environmental, that is "good for the environment," "green," or "ecological." Not that this is bad or incorr…

New Referral Program

If you've been considering purchasing one of my readings but are still on the fence, I wanted to let you know about my new referral program.

If you refer a friend who purchases any one of my readings or services, you will receive a $10 discount on your next purchase! Just have them put your email address in the referral box in Paypal and I'll send you a coupon you can use on your next reading.

Plus, you'll get to find out from them how it went before you commit! See how sneaky I am? 

And since my new Multiverse Divination is discounted for a limited time, if you get a referral bonus too, you could save even more!
I suppose if you are super popular, you could even refer a ton of people and get a reading completely for free! 
The terms of the referral program may change at any time but the coupons will never expire and you can use can use them for any product I'm still offering.
The Black Swan Divination -- See what shocks are coming in your life and what to do about it -…

The Multiverse Divination -- Take Control of your Future

This is an exciting day for me. As part of the celebration of one year of sharing ideas and information here at CircleThrice, I'm really pleased to announce the availability of a new reading...

Forget about fortune telling...
Create your fortune.

With Multiverse Divination you set out to do just that.

What is the Multiverse Divination?
It’s a reading unlike any other you may be used to. Instead of telling you “what the future holds” you approach it from the other way around:

Decide what future you want.
Then we’ll find out how to get there.

This way, you don’t leave your future to chance and you aren't a victim of circumstance. You take the driver’s seat and actively craft the future you want through your actions.
Whole different ballgame, isn’t it?

This is what Multiverse Divination is all about.
It’s a reading tailored to you. Based on your specific life goals, cards help to uncover what you need to do to actually get there. It also includes a backtracking element that can ident…

The Rules for Them and the Rules for You

This was originally posted on April 29, 2015. It's the most important thing I've ever written and as part of my one-year anniversary celebration, I wanted to re-port it.

Before we go much further down the path of PMPM and Sustainability and trying to mitigate Black Swans, I have to take a bit of a segue and talk about something important. I believe that understanding the following is critical for not only making magic, but also living in the world.

Thanks to Gordon's recommendation, I've been slowly reading The Forest Passage (note, I didn't pay that price and don't know what's up, I hope the book is just between printings or mis-listed on the site and not completely out of stock). It's slow going, not because the book is hard but because it's so very dense. There's a particular quote that I've been stuck on for some weeks. I felt like I could not move on with the book without coming to some peace with this statement:

“...we cannot limit ours…

It's My Blogiversary!

A year ago this week, I started CircleThrice and made my first post. I wanted to talk about using project management for practical magic. I wanted to talk about my occult take on Taleb's Black Swan and Antifragility. I wanted to rant about personal sustainability in the modern world.

Over the past year, I've been really honored to have people read my blog, sign up for deeper content, and volunteer to trial my new divinations.

As a bonus, just this past month, I went "proccultist" and started offering readings based on my theories and have had really positive response!

So as a thank you to my readers, I'm going to spend this week celebrating my one-year blogiversary with all kinds of coolness, including some new services, a new blog series, and a one of those cheesy contests that bloggers run to.... er, I mean a really cool contest where you can win something and stuff... that's not at all cheesy. Really.

Thanks for reading and for getting readings! I apprecia…

Goals and Dreams

Someone pointed me to this great article by Mark Manson on how some dreams should stay dreams.

Of course, as the article points out, modern society doesn't really support that idea that maybe reaching your dreams isn't all that it's cracked up to be. I touched on this a bit in my post on setting Big Goals when I talked about passion. We have this idea that everyone needs to a) find their passion and then b) follow their passion above all else. I disagree. First because passion is developed and not found and second because following your passion above all else can be the thing that kills it. I happen to think that for goal setting, your values are a much better bet. But, for more on that, you can go check out my post and set your own big hairy audacious goal.

Mark Manson's reasons for dreams staying dreams are worth considering:

The fantasy is often far better than the reality. There are no negative repercussions to fantasy -- what's going on in your head always goes…

Project Execution -- Allies

As you work toward your project goals, there will come a time when you realize that you can't do it alone. Humans are by nature social creatures and thrive best when they have others around them. We crave love, acceptance, connection. This is the case for most of us for most endeavors. However, for PMPM workings, you need something else: allies.

An ally in this scenario is someone who is aligned with the goal(s) of your working -- nothing more and nothing less.

Before we discuss what allies are though, let's discuss what they aren't: People who love you.

Of course the people who love you can be allies if they are aligned with your goals. However, they aren't necessarily allies by default. My parents love me unconditionally, but they've also found a lot of my goals baffling, weird, risky, etc. Bluntly, they come from another time, when you took a job out of school and stuck with that company forever. We know that doesn't work, but for many years they didn't.…