New Service! The Life-Crafting Divination

Forget about fortune telling...Start creating your own fortune today!

Can't decide between my two most popular readings? Now you don't have to...

The Black Swan Divination helps you see what shocks are coming in your life and -- more importantly -- what to do about them right now

This is a great reading for when you are building the life you want and you don't want anything to come along and either derail your goals or be an opportunity you aren't ready for.

The Multiverse Divination helps you create the future you want to achieve

This is perfect if you have a goal but aren't sure which path will get you there or are looking for new ideas.

These readings aren't fortune-telling, they are fortune creating! It's a whole different ballgame, with you in the driver's seat, creating the life you want -- starting right now. This is where the magic happens!

But what if you can't decide between these readings? Now you don't have to!

I've combined the power of both readings into one -- and at a discount over buying them separately!

Convinced? Click the button and buy now for $175. Or keep reading for more details.

What does the Life-Crafting Divination give you? First, a Black Swan reading that identifies the most critical areas for you to deal with now. Then a Multiverse reading for your primary goal. With a comprehensive, combined report that gives you a clear view of your overall situation!

You will also be able to leverage the connections that happen between the two halves of the reading. I've done multiple readings for the same person before, and it's stunning to me how the cards will connect between the readings to give even more direction and context.

I'm so pleased to be able to offer this combined reading to you at a great price -- less than the two readings purchased separately.

This goes far beyond a simple Celtic Cross divination -- this is major work with the primary goal of helping you:

  • Refine your goals and plans
  • Identify major risks and opportunities
  • Proactively suggest what to do right now 

Do you:

  • Feel like you are at a crossroads in your life?
  • Worry that your situation is fragile or risky?
  • Fear that your goals will never happen?
  • Feel stuck in place and desperate for some new perspective?
The Life-Crafting Divination is for you! 

I'm so happy to be able to make this possible:
Two readings in one, with power beyond the sum of its parts, and it's available for less than if you bought them separately -- only $175!

Well worth it when you consider the scope and depth of this major reading. 
The feedback I've received has been clear, these readings can really change your life!

When you’re ready, click the PayPal button below and we’ll get started.

It’s an honor to help you on your way.


How my readings work:

  1. Click that button up there.
  2. Make sure I have the email you want me to use. 
  3. After I receive payment, you will receive a short form via within 48 hours. 
  4. My readings operate very differently than the typical Celtic Cross. I will need certain high-level details (areas of your life, long-term goals, etc.).
  5. Return the form. You will receive a response within 7 to 10 business days.
    Why so long? I do have a successful professional career and they have my first loyalty.


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