Planning Time / Timing Plan

As someone with a probably dysfunctional love of planning, I'll look for any excuse to plan. I'll plan for the new year, I'll plan out the summer (though I didn't this year, it was seat of the pants all the way). And I'll particularly plan at the start of autumn.

Behold, the analog timekeeping device!
(misusing clipart since 2006)
Growing up in New Mexico, I always felt like autumn was really the start of the year. In part it's because it was the start of each new school year, in part because the summer months are kind of dead months there (everything dies, the weather is miserable). But it was also because I happened to be born near the start of August. This year, as I approach that benchmark, I happened across several valuable resources -- or they happened across me -- that are proving prescient in giving me the information I need to make my next year's plan happen. Things like books (Pieces of Eight among others), references online, answers to key questions.

I also had the opportunity to experience a conjure coaching session with Magus Boswell. This one really came out of the blue at exactly the right time for me. I was seeking around for some kind of annual forecast from a third party to help me sort out the coming year (which has been feeling very weighty in some indefinable way).

It's important for me to acknowledge that I can be prone to blind spots, wishful thinking, and self-deception about my own stuff and that I need external, objective input. It's always easier to see other people's stuff than your own and I was in particular need of a outside perspective.

I have to just say that Magus is very good. Blunt and honest but without a lot of ego, he was very clear about my strengths and weaknesses and honed in rapidly on the work I need to do. He approaches the process in a very freeform and intuitive way, which I respect. He switches between modalities (astrology, tarot, geomancy) seamlessly and logically and provided very pointed feedback. I got a ton out of it and highly recommend it. I fully expect to have at least annual followups.

All of the data I'm collating are going to be informing my plan for the coming year. First I'll be dealing with some loose ends, unpleasant chores, and mundane details. But then I hope to kick off a new personal project, internally focused and not very flashy, probably around the autumn equinox. The next phase of my life will go through the spring of 2020 and this coming 12 months is going to be the preliminary work for that longer effort. That means that I get to do some juicy planning, which I love to do. So while the project is probably too personal and specific to be helpful to others, I may share some of my planning ideas and tools over the next six months.

If you never thought about where you want to be in five years or three (or ten) you might want to give it a try. It's both interesting and motivating. Plus it gives you an excuse to do some awesome fun planning... not that you need one, right?


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