Monday, August 22, 2016

PMPM -- Case Study: Project Ivy (and Important Announcement)

TL;DR? Skip to the end for an important announcement regarding the price of my Tarot readings.

In my very productive session with Magus, I expressed that this natal year was feeling really important and meaningful. However, my initial thinking was that this meant major changes or huge elaborate workings. The feedback I got though was slightly different. Magus indicated that my chart and the cards were pointing to a much more internally focused effort this year. Not working on big external changes, but on myself. And doing so in a very regular, persistent way. The image that came to mind is water wearing the stone.

Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo -- Ovid

Sigh. Of course he's right and what he said resonated deeply. He also gave me some very good pointers on where to focus, on the vision and goal, and on some weaknesses that I needed to overcome. But fortunately or unfortunately, this isn't the right time to kick that off. No, right now I need to focus on some external clean up and the kind of detail-oriented mundane life management that can take a lot of energy.

See, this is why I love astrology. The "weather" isn't quite optimum to start. Knowing that, I can focus on dealing with those mundane details (which include house stuff, travel planning, a huge amount of day-job work, and getting the kid started as freshman in high school). In addition, I can start the planning process in a low pressure way. And you know I love me some planning.

So I have my vision and goal (and awesomely enough, tarot signifiers for them, which I can use for visualization and symbol creation). I have high level areas that I'm working on (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual -- logical enough for a self focused project). I'm starting by identifying some high level focus areas (so for physical, I include outdoor exercise and for mental a program of study that I've been considering for some time). These aren't goals yet, but they do imply goals.

This is important because while forward progress will be important, I risk over-goaling myself into procrastination and stasis. See, the way I'm approaching this is a project to overhaul operations in my life. What does that mean?

Well, many of the things I'm considering have more to do with ongoing effort and habit change than a specific end result. For example, I don't want to lose x pounds by Christmas, I want to make outdoor exercise a regular part of my life. I don't want to overhaul my entire ancestor practice, I just want to strengthen my current work and be more regular about it. There are a few things that are more specifically goal oriented, but most of the goals are "change habit for x" or "develop habit for y." And that means a much more iterative approach to project Ivy. It also means some prioritization has to happen so that as my time frees up and the space weather becomes favorable, I need to make sure that I give myself the time I need.

One result is that starting this Friday, all my tarot reading prices are going to increase significantly. Despite every effort to streamline the process, I find that performing and documenting these readings is taking a significant amount of my time -- the Life Crafting Divination can take upward of four hours of focused work. These are not simple readings and the reports that accompany them are thorough (the one I'm currently finishing is 10 pages of just analysis -- not including the photos). However, I'm going to be offering an alternative to have the results delivered through an hour-long skype call where you can ask questions and we can discuss the results live. Any already purchased readings are obviously going to be completed at the current rates.

This isn't a "buy now" sale. This is an honest effort to align my priorities with my goals for the coming year. But if I was about to purchase something and then the price jumped up with no notice, I'd be pretty pissed off. And I don't want anyone being pissed off.

I may create some less comprehensive readings at a lower price point in the future, but for now my focus is on launching a new service, which takes time to do.

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