Stars in the Desert

I've just returned from another week in the desert. It seems like longer than 13 months since I was there last.

There were all the same problems as last time (bad food and water, too much corporate chaos to truly take a full vacation, reminders of childhood that are sometimes challenging). But there were also some really powerful things that struck me this visit: the silence of the desert, the number of stars, the sheer space and emptiness.

We drove over to Roswell for a day trip. It's a beautiful drive and, at the kid's request, we stopped at every mission, chapel, and graveyard we passed.  Nothing like a NM RC graveyard. Those people know their ancestor worship.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bent NM

And here's a great photo before they added the ramp and railing

If you have the chance, visit the International UFO Museum... especially if you like to read old news clippings (lots of old news clippings). Of course, I have it on good authority that it was not a weather balloon and "those bodies I saw weren't manikins." So for me there isn't a lot of mystery. This is what comes from having a family history in the area.

We also went out at night to view the Perseid meteors, which... well you couldn't pick a better place.

Sure, it was still hot and dry and my parents house feels like a nice hotel in a 3rd world country, but it was also a very different experience. Funny how two visits to the same place can be so different. The only thing that's changed is myself.


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