Laser-like Focus

There are men with heavy equipment digging a hole in our yard. Two guys just came to do the final hookup on our new stove (which has been sitting in our kitchen, inoperable, for 15 days). With luck we should actually have indoor warm food by early this afternoon. Fortunately we were home to stop them DIGGING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE HOUSE.

In other news our washing machine died an ignominious death on Monday. A messy death involving the explosion of a feather pillow inside the machine. In all fairness it was 16 years old (the machine, not the pillow) and had been slowly becoming more and more fussy and less and less efficient. A shiny new machine will be arriving this afternoon and all I can say is, thank goodness for Labor Day sales here in the US.

The kid just started the first week of being a freshman and has already had a major schedule change (with a lot of, frankly unnecessary, accompanying anxiety).

This morning when my husband went out to move our cars (for the aforementioned digging) he noticed that the front tire on my car was flat too.

And I don't talk about my day job on the blog, but let's just say that there's been plenty of it and will be throughout the long holiday weekend.

Someone please tell me how Mercury Retrograde isn't a real thing again?

Plein air supper

If I hadn't had that reading with Magus, I might have been seriously worried. But honestly, this is in line with what I was expecting. Not just things going wrong, but the kind of detail-oriented, laser-like focus needed to get through it. One step at a time. Just keeping track of all the moving parts, not letting anything drop. Handling all the un-fun, adulting details.

In other CircleThrice news, the price change on all my readings has gone live. I didn't like doing it, but honestly it had to happen. I can't justify taking time away from my family for what works out to be a significantly lower hourly rate than my day job.

I'm kind of bummed that this means that fewer people might be able to get readings and I've been pondering a few options that are more affordable but still comprehensive and in line with my particular take on divination (which is not fortunetelling, but fortune-creating). I'm also going to launch a new consulting service. These have all been in the works for some time, but nothing's going to get kicked off until after this particular space weather clears up. Mama didn't raise no fools. Right now I need to focus, and stay focused, on what's in front of me.


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