Saturday, September 24, 2016

PMPM - Eating My Own Dog Food

I've gotten over my equinox cold. I'm nearly caught up on readings from being ill. The broken things are fixed and replaced. Even the -- and I hesitate to say, lest I jinx it -- laundry is getting dealt with.

The logjam is finally starting to break...
And that means that I'm kicking off my personal development project (which I wrote about here). And in the spirit of practicing what I preach (AKA eating my own dog food), I'm using the Project Planning template that I created and shared last year with my early blog supporters. The parts match the project planning posts of my PMPM series (Index). The calendar section is nearly obsolete (2016), but the rest of it is still valid.

It's interesting seeing which pieces work best for this kind of project.

For example, since this is all about habit formation and regular practice, the Cyclical Schedule is proving a lot more useful than Activities by Milestone. I'm also doing some fun stuff, like coding various goals with elemental symbols. And my logo is the tarot card that I got as a signifier for my reading.

I think it's important that if I'm going to recommend techniques to other people that I use them myself.

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