PMPM - What Organization ISN'T For

I sometimes think I must have the most boring magic blog in all the Interwebs. There's no drama or exciting field reports and I don't get very personal here. A friend complimented CircleThrice by saying that it is "very technical." How exciting.

I do spend a lot of time here talking about being organized and reaching goals and making plans. And yes, I consider these things very important and very useful. Combined with magic, it's a powerhouse for making your life into the life you want. I believe that. But it's not good for everything.

Stock footage for the win

There was a hint in my last post. A bit of a secret into how I actually operate. In fact, I rarely plan my actual spiritual practice.

That is to say, I plan the heck out of my mundane life, and incorporate magic extensively to keep the ship righted and moving in the direction I want. And I use habit tricks frequently to make sure I've got a routine for doing the things I need to do. But my personal religious and devotional practice is extremely unplanned.

I cast spells when the mood strikes me using whatever's in the cupboard. I enchant in the midst of whatever else I'm doing (bless the pots, bless the broth, bless the soup). I use ecstatic techniques to connect to the spirit world. I talk to my ancestors and they talk back. I have crazy dreams. I get naked. I drink. I dance.


I don't PLAN any of that.

And that's the point. Practical Magic Project Management is great for reaching a goal. It's also great for operations -- for keeping the trains in your life running on time. But it doesn't make the magic happen. You still have to make the magic happen. When I weave magic into my Project Management, I have better success. And that success means I have time in my life to do the other things I consider important -- like connecting with my ancestors and Gods and local spirits. Like regularly attempting to peel away the bright shiny film on the surface of reality to peer underneath at the cogs and gears. Inside baseball and sausage making. Temporal enchantment. Talking to plants and animals and rocks.

This work goes beyond the emergency type magic you do when things are suddenly not going well. (although when things suddenly stop going well, your prior planning will also benefit you). This is the work of ongoing enchantment and spiritual relationship building. It's the magical life that you live every day, regardless of your goals and plans.

It's the goals and plans and project management (which I appreciate that many people see more as "necessary evil" than "exciting career field") that put you in the position of being able to live a more magical life. That's the real benefit.

He didn't plan on this happening...


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