Monday, October 10, 2016

Services -- Mini Readings

Since I've had to up the prices on my larger readings because of the time they take, I've been considering including some smaller offerings that are more accessible to more people. However, it's important to me that any readings I provide be in line with my philosophy of divination: not fortune telling, but fortune creating.

The Black Swan and Multiverse readings are robust tools for helping you react to what's coming in a proactive way and find your best path to your goals. The Life Crafting reading is a powerful combination of the two. These readings go both broad and very, very deep.

But because of their scope, they take a long time to do and result in a huge writeup that can take a major effort to absorb. Along with the expense, that may not be what everyone needs or is ready to handle.

So as of today, I'm rolling out three new readings. These readings are much smaller in scope with less interactivity, but still provide the kind of proactive guidance and value found in the larger readings.

The Mini-Black Swan
The Black Swan looks at what's coming (and more importantly what to do about it) across a number of life areas of your choosing. The mini version focuses on a single area -- the unknown unknown. If you want insight into what surprises are in store -- and more importantly what do to about them -- this is the reading for you.

The Mini-Multi
The Multiverse reading allows you so submit possible ways to reach a goal and then vets them for effectiveness. It also includes a backtracking section that starts with the goal and works backwards to identify a way of reaching it. The mini version considers only the goal and does the back tracking to get to a potential best solution.

The Mini-Combo
Just like the Life Crafting reading, this mini version combines the other two mini readings at a discount over buying the them separately.

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