Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CircleThrice End of Year Wrap-up (Also Pimpin')

I wanted to do a bit of an wrap-up of a few things on the blog before I take a well-deserved end of year vacation.

I will be unplugging for the holidays...

First, I updated the Index page. If you want to follow any of my longer series, that's the place to look.

In recent months, I've written a lot on the Mind War and Sustain-ability series. But looking forward, I want to be more focused on directly helping people make changes in their lives. There is a lot of upset and panic out there. For me, the response that works best under those circumstances is to be organized and proactive and productive (that is, to get my shit together). This coming year, I want to refocus on helping other people with that as well. Here are some of my plans:
  • A revisit of the PMPM series, with additional content.
  • Habit formation and habit change.
  • Mental innoculation against harmful ideas.
I also updated my Services page. This was a big year for me, with new readings and a new consulting offering.

If you're looking for a great experiential gift for someone, consider one of my tarot readings. You'll be helping someone you care about craft their own fortune. Proactive, solution-oriented advice for when life seems crazy? I've got you covered!

Or if you don't know what to ask for? Why not ask for support making positive changes in your own life and request a PMPM consulting session? Companies invest heavily in professional project management because they know they'll get a great return. Now this kind of investment in success is within reach of the individual. Add the integration of practical magic and you have a powerful ally to help you meet your goals and make your dreams come true.

Now, you can buy someone a gift certificate for any service I offer (or ask for a gift certificate for yourself!). Check out the Services page for details on all my readings and consulting services.

Finally, you'll be doing good in the world -- 10% of my CircleThrice income (before any expenses including my own time) goes directly to help the homeless. This has been true since I started and it won't ever change.

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