Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sustain-ability: Real Things

Wait, didn't I say I was unplugging?

Why yes, yes I did. However, it's unlikely that I'll be able to stop writing. If I don't blog or journal, my brain starts doing this endless churning. Did you even read the advice that you should keep a pen and pad by your bed so that you can jot down things that are keeping you from sleeping? It's like a whole life version of that.

Still, unplugging is in full force, though like any actionable goal, it's a process and not a end state. I've already culled a huge amount of TV, websites, blogs, and social media. Mainly news and news-like substances, but also vacu-tainment and click bait. The sources of external data I'm still following have been thoroughly curated.

So what have I been focusing on? Real things, including:

Holiday Stuff -- Getting and decorating our tree. Gifts. Cards. Etc. This year I feel the darkness more acutely and am craving the holiday of lights.

Our favorite ornament. Thanks Val!

Food Stuff -- quiche and cake for my dear friend's birthday, homemade stock, chicken and dumplings, beef mushroom soup. And I have a ton of baking planned for my break from work. I'm also planning some winter jam this year (usually I only make jam in the summer).

Magic stuff -- working the various altars, doing major divination, looking ahead and planning a couple of larger workings. Also experiencing some 2x4-over-the-head type omens, a good indicator of connection (though some of the omens really sucked).

Personal stuff -- by this I mean "self care" (though that term has gotten loaded down with a lot of narcissistic consumer baggage). Think warm baths and hot tea and good nights of sleep. Reading books with pages (fiction even). Planning and starting a couple of the kinds of creative projects that give me a lot of personal satisfaction as well as a launch pad for practical enchantment.

People stuff -- connecting with the people I'm closest to. Reaching out to those further afield. Also a plan to expand that circle a bit.

This has been a very busy and challenging year for me. And that's just in my life, not including any external craziness. I really need a good break. But taking time off of work is only the beginning. More important is a break from unhelpful habits, confounding information, and panic-inducing situations.

Above all, a refocusing on the personal, the true, the real.

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