Friday, January 20, 2017

Sustain-ability: Neutral Territory

Could not have picked a better week to leave the US in favor of Switzerland. I haven't seen any TV or news since leaving home and am better for it. And during the most emotional, the most fraught day in recent US history, I will be flying (staying coherent is easy when the drinks are free).

Almost impossible to get a bad picture
I want to be very careful here not to engage in bragblogging (is that a thing? It should be a thing -- lifestyle bloggers, I'm looking at you). I'm aware that I'm extremely fortunate to be able to travel and doubly blessed that someone else is paying for it. It's the culmination of a lot of years of both mundane and magic work that finds me here (currently Old Town Zurich, but for the past week a 100-year-old hotel in the alps).

Everything here is high end IKEA, but it was all Old Europe in the mountains -- snow and horse carriage rides and cheese. My room barely had Internet and, in addition to a brisk walk in -18F temperatures (windchill -22) I spent a silent afternoon actually reading a novel in the hotel library. Also, there was work (which is completely fine by me -- this is what gets me through difficult days in the office) and spa.

So in the way that working magic makes things come together naturally, this week has given me a great clarity of mind and heart, which I will certainly need as I come back to:

  • A country positively heaving with stress, pain, discord, and anger
  • A whole shitload of work (the kind that happens in a cube, not on a mountain)
  • And an ambitious plan to start the next phase of my magical journey

Pro tip: If you feel blah or stuck or you don't know what to enchant for... enchant for travel. 

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