Monday, April 3, 2017

On Age and Time

Time for another week in the desert. This is something of an annual tradition at this point -- though this is a spring trip and not a height of summer one (maybe we are finally wising up). It's also become a tradition because CircleThrice is two years old this month. Which surprises me greatly.

The theme of this year's visit home seems to be the passage of time. As you see those who came before aging, and you think about the changes in your own life, it brings home the gift that is a lifespan. I'm personally a big believer in reincarnation. I think there's some very good evidence of it (more than for most metaphysical concepts) and it just has always made sense to me on a visceral level. But moreover, as I look at my life with additional experience (age may not confer wisdom, but it does seem to provide perspective) it gives me a great deal of comfort to think that after this life is another opportunity. Not because my life is bad, but because the experiences of life and living it are so precious.

Another week in my hometown. Teaching the budding psychonaut how to drive on the calm and empty streets. Enjoying the smell of the desert after a spring rain. Sneaking in magic in my parent's house (it gives it a great renewed sense of forbidden-ness). Just generally trying to experience things as I go.

Of course the food and water still suck.

Side note: I just changed up the blog format. Mainly because the layout was giving me grief with comments. If anything seems broken, please let me know.


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