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America Eclipsed

This is less a post than a public service announcement.

The eclipse is a bad omen (for the country it traverses, for the ruler of said country, for the people who live that shadow). The space weather is terrible specifically and in general. There is a potential for unrest and violence.

The science geek in me is looking forward to seeing the event, but the witch knows better than to try to make any magical goodness out of it.

Eyes up? Yes, but also head's down. Take care and stay safe.

The EBER Project -- Getting Started Guide

For those of you who don't read every single thing I write (what's wrong with you?) EBER is my Early to Bed / Early to Rise Project... which isn't even an official project yet because I only just formulated the idea -- this is what beach vacations are good for.

So think of this as a pre-start-start of the project... and kind of a user's guide for those who want to follow along.

For those of you who might be new, PMPM is practical magic project management. It's a way of leveraging the tools of classical project management for use in practical enchantment. But like regular project management, PMPM is technique agnostic. That means that you apply these skills to any kind of enchantment you prefer from witchcraft to chaos magic to Goetia. Just like I can use my PM skills to help create software, design a garden, support clients, make hardware, and so on. You do need to know something about these things in order to manage a project for one of them, but the PM skills…

The End of the Summer - and Things to Come

For my birthday this year we took off for the coast again. The same place we went two years ago. Of course, Gordon recently wrote about how you never step in the same river twice and no place you return to is ever the same... that said, this particular house was alone at the center of a Venn diagram with circles labeled "beachfront" "hot tub" "available" and "we can remotely afford it." So off we went, and no it's not the same, but getting out of town is a good way to wrap up the summer.

So yeah, I've been out of the loop and things have been quiet around here, but not for long. August will always feel like the end of the summer and the start of a new year to me. Probably because I still remember the feeling of starting a new year of school (which where I'm from is mid-August, right after my birthday).

The past two years really have gone by in a flash. My job is still busy and I've had a lot of (admittedly very cool) travel this …