America Eclipsed

This is less a post than a public service announcement.

The eclipse is a bad omen (for the country it traverses, for the ruler of said country, for the people who live that shadow). The space weather is terrible specifically and in general. There is a potential for unrest and violence.

The science geek in me is looking forward to seeing the event, but the witch knows better than to try to make any magical goodness out of it.

Eyes up? Yes, but also head's down. Take care and stay safe.


  1. It's the thrill of being at the pause at the very end of a pendulum swing (think of the viking swing at an amusement park!)...anticipating the rush of the change in direction! Even though it will be jarring and scary, it also has hope and adventure and great stories to tell the grand kids as part of the ride!

    1. And we did travel to go see it. And it was beautiful and terrible and moving and life changing. I looked into the void and the void looked back. ... still a bad omen for the US though.


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