The End of the Summer - and Things to Come

For my birthday this year we took off for the coast again. The same place we went two years ago. Of course, Gordon recently wrote about how you never step in the same river twice and no place you return to is ever the same... that said, this particular house was alone at the center of a Venn diagram with circles labeled "beachfront" "hot tub" "available" and "we can remotely afford it." So off we went, and no it's not the same, but getting out of town is a good way to wrap up the summer.

So yeah, I've been out of the loop and things have been quiet around here, but not for long. August will always feel like the end of the summer and the start of a new year to me. Probably because I still remember the feeling of starting a new year of school (which where I'm from is mid-August, right after my birthday).

The past two years really have gone by in a flash. My job is still busy and I've had a lot of (admittedly very cool) travel this year, but I'm riding the new role instead of it riding me. The household is in better shape in several ways, including financially. The kid's in high school and going through major changes, but seems to be slowly developing into a productive adult, if a someone unconventional one. And the spouse and I are seeing the glimmer of a future where we are a functional twosome again, which we both think is going to be just fine. Three years to get to that point and to figure out what we want to do with the second half of our lives. At the same time, we see some specific risks appearing on the horizon and want to get ahead of them.

Which brings me to the big plan. A massive three-year long agile project to prepare for and deal with the changes we sense coming. This is a BIG project, even for someone who runs big projects for a living. And running such a large project agile is going to require a very specific approach.

I've been calling it Project Early to Bed / Early to Rise, because my triple focus will be on health, wealth, and wisdom. And while I never expect anyone to find my personal life as interesting as I do, these goals are certainly adjustable to a broad range of life situations. So I'll be working through the various planning and execution steps here. Feel free to join me with your own project goals.

I'll keep the light on for you...

In additional to Project EBER (hey, I'm not good at acronyms, sorry) we're going to continue our series on Agile Risk Mitigation. Plus I'm working on a few new things for the next 12 months, including some new readings that are still being exercised and some new series.

I've had my relaxing break and am ready to get moving again... how about you?


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