The EBER Project - It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

You know how it goes. You start some new thing (class, project, exercise routine) and it's all rah! and charge! and jumping in with all kinds of energy... and then a few weeks later, you get burned out and it's not so great anymore. Or things are going OK, but then you get sick or something else comes along and it doesn't stick.

This is really common and happens all the time. And it derails even short-term efforts and goals. But let's be honest, three years is a long time. My energy is going to flag. I will get sick (I haven't been feeling that great actually). Work will get really busy (like right fucking now).

Something will come along -- something always comes along.

Which is why this is my mantra for long and complex projects: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Camel toe optional

I'm currently planning for my project initiation and I've penciled it in for the autumn equinox. First, that's when I started my last project. Second, it's past Mercury retrograde. Third, it's when I usually have a lot of energy to start new things.

Still, that means about three weeks of just pre-planning before I even start the planning phase. So what will I be doing during this time?
  1. Turning the vision into high level goals: What does it mean to be prosperous? How will I know if we're healthy? What do I want to gain from the knowledge I acquire? We'll be talking about the different between tasks and goals next, because it's an area that's easy to mix up.
  2. Identifing some major project milestones: I'm starting this project from a position of very little information. I know that some large changes are coming (I can smell them in the air) but I don't know what they are or what it means for our household. So the first phase of this project will have a large research and divination component. If your vision was owning your own business, your first milestone might be around deciding what kind of business makes sense for you.
  3. Refining the toolkit: I have lots of options for magical tools to use, what I want to do is decide which ones I will kick off with. 
I need to start this process now because even in the first steps I need to keep the end in mind. Some of this is private or involves other people who deserve privacy, but here are a few examples:
  • Kid successfully launched into adulthood
  • Sustainable financial prosperity (this is very different than pure wealth or more money actually)
  • Environment privacy (more space around us basically)
  • Ongoing good health
Next up, goals.


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