FAQs About my Consulting Services

Well, there's been a lot of interest in my consulting services since I went on Gordon's podcast. And I've gotten several questions that I though would be useful to answer here.

First of all, what consulting services? Go take a look -- if you ever wanted to be more organized or have someone to help you get your shit together, well that's what I do. And if you want to combine that with magic for even more leverage? That's my specialty.

How do I start?
I usually like to start with a free half hour Skype chat. I learn what you're after and you to learn how I work. The goal is to decide whether we're a good fit before you spend any money.

How do you work?
I'm neither a therapist or life coach. I like to keep things super practical. Every minute of our consultation needs to be productive and you should come away feeling like you have concrete next steps. You will have homework that I review before the next session. That means our time together is more focused. I'm happy to point out where I see you might have a block, but you'll want to explore it on your own or with someone who specializes in that area.

How long / frequently do I need you?
I'm not interested in people getting coaching from me forever. I want you to get organized, have a plan, and start implementing it. If you can do sessions every other week at first, that's helpful. Later you may just want to check in monthly or even less. But my goal is to get you off and running with your goal. And naturally the more effort you put in the faster progress we make.

Do you still do tarot readings?
Unfortunately, I had to stop doing my readings. I loved doing them and got some great feedback, but they took a lot out of me and I spent a ton of time doing the writeups (which for my largest readings would literally be like 15 pages of material). However, I will pull cards and do readings as part of my consultations as needed -- I just don't do the big write up. If you're interested in the types of readings I did, or want to try them yourself, hunt around on the blog. Early version of the Black Swan and Multiverse divinations are detailed and you can even try them for yourself.

How do I book?
Once upon a time, there was a lot of email back and forth. But now you can use my shiny new booking tool to sign up for either an intro session or a full consultation!

How do I pay?
Once you book a full consultation, I'll send you a Paypal request. I usually wait until just before the consult to send it so that there's no confusion if one of us has to cancel. I don't have a cancellation policy at this point because, hey, I'm just as likely to occasionally need to move a session as anyone.

You have a guarantee?
Yes! If you ever come away from a session feeling like it wasn't worth your time or productive, we can try it again for free. If that doesn't work, you get your money back for that session and any future sessions you may have paid for. You are putting a lot of trust in me and I appreciate that.

You give to charity?
Yeah, 10% of my proceed go to homeless charities. Previously I had the opportunity to work with someone directly under special circumstances, but moving forward I'm supporting a local family shelter and Modest Needs (which I highly recommend).


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