Talking About Magic and Project Management with Gordon

I was so pleased to be able to chat with Gordon on his RuneSoup podcast recently. He's a great interviewer and is really good at putting people at ease. Pretty much everything he does is highly recommended. -- I'm totally pretending that's me.
Amusing note, I'm so bad at marketing that the spouse had to remind me that maybe I want to mention it on my blog too!


  1. This was really great, Ivy. It was fun to hear your voice, both literally and in the sense of hearing your opinions in conversation. I learned a lot, and you've inspired me to bring at least some of the PM stuff into my writing projects. Also, the image of you blessing puddles has endeared you to me forever. Thanks again --DB

  2. That was an inspiring conversation. And I love Ivy's enchanted version of Agile. Thanks for podcasting.


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