Longest Night

Lots of magic going on. Deipnon (after the new moon and as Saturn prepared to enter Capricorn), Solstice night offerings, Decan rite for the moment of the Solstice. Tomorrow I'll be doing some Saturn work, in the spirit of the new boss (all the cool kids are talking about it!). Christmas eve has its own kind of magic, one deeply rooted in a very haunted, Germanic view of the holiday that comes from my childhood and has more to do with the Kris Kindle than Kris Kringle).

As I did then, we'll be celebrating on Sunday night. And as always, Monday is the start of a very busy interstitial period based on the idea that where you are on New Year's is where you will be the rest of the year. That means cleaning up, catching up on laundry, taking down the tree, etc. Plus a whole batch of magic and planning ... and magical planning. All culminating in an astrologically auspicious New Year's Day working.

I'm also going to revisit my tool kit for the next phase of the EBER project. I'm not going to jettison anything necessarily (sigils aren't going anywhere) but I am tweaking a bit. For example, based on what I think the theme will be for the coming year, I think I'll be de-emphasizing tarot in favor of the I Ching. I'll also be doing more magical potion making, including my blended oils. In any long project, your emphasis will naturally evolve over the course of the project, but making those trends conscious helps keep things on track.

We're all very happy to see the end of Mercury retrograde as well. This one was glitchy. For example, I broke a measuring cup, the spouse broke a large glass, and the kid broke the towel rack... all in the space of about 2 hours. But more interesting was how it interacted with Saturn's ingress into Capricorn. The moment it did our heads spun around like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. We've spent the last couple of days looking back, talking about the past, reexamining things that were difficult or challenging -- it has been frankly quite annoying. I even had to deal with some work (during my vacation!) that was basically a clean up effort from last year stuff. But that feeling is starting to ease up now.

Which is good, because it's time to face forward and get a move on 2018. 


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