Monday, January 15, 2018

New Priorities in the Face of Change

Hey there. So, the past two weeks have been an absolute shitshow in my life. Technical glitches, lots of illness, discovery of antibiotic allergies (the hard way) and so forth and so on. It's been exhausting and we're only just coming out the other side.

As is my habit, when bad stuff happens I like to consider what useful lessons or feedback I can take from it. OK, it's mostly after the dust settles, I admit. During the bad stuff, I'm scrambling and freaking out just like anyone else. Now I'm not in the habit of beating myself up because, hey, shit happens and it's not anyone's fault. But if I can glean some kind of actionable lesson from it, well, that's at least something.

In this case, it seemed like the week contained some interesting takeaways directly related to the big changes in planetary alignment that started on Dec the 19th. Here's my short list of lessons -- items that I'm considering serious advice for the coming year(s):
  • Follow the rules that matter: don't half-ass stuff and follow the process if there's a process
  • Be disciplined: particularly in taking care of ourselves and sticking to our goals
  • Be proactive: take care of things when they arise and don't put things off
  • Don't overreact: take things one step at a time and add new things (like medication) judiciously
  • Stay positive: manifestation is rapid and direct, so watch what we say, think, and do
  • Keep moving forward (or Just keep swimming if you're more Finding Nemo than Meet the Robinsons): don't let everything else get derailed when something goes wrong
Fortunately I'm having a long weekend to catch up on sleep and other projects. This includes creative stuff like coursework, practical stuff like budgeting, and prosaic stuff like sorting and organizing my dresser and catching up on -- you guessed it -- laundry. I'm also doing some planning (you know when I feel low, what I really want is a good dose of planning to lift my spirits), in this case short term magical planning to assist with the lessons we just learned.

I feel like this period of time is going to require, not so much new values and focus, but a re-prioritization of existing values. Because it's clear to me that behaviors in alignment with the astrological weather will cause better results than those that aren't.

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