Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Steal from the Rich -- Robin Hood the Shit Out of 2018

One of the most interesting types of feedback I get on CircleThrice (sometimes directly and sometimes obliquely) is that people don't think my stuff is relevant to them because they aren't "corporate." Now certainly, not everything I write is going to make sense for everyone out there. But I want to be super clear here, if you think that something doesn't benefit or impact you because it comes from some big money-making entity -- you are really, really wrong.

Just because something is "corporate" doesn't mean it's not important for you to know about. In fact, just the opposite.

First, because when you use some technique for process or project or efficiency or management that comes out of corporate-land to re-enchant and empower your own life... well, that's some rebellious, subversive, Robin Hood shit right there.

After all, corporations are some of the biggest, most powerful entities in the world right now. And they are entirely invested in being productive, making money, and meeting their corporate goals. You don't think you can't steal that stuff for your own plans?

Oo-de-lally and Shit
It's like when pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars researching the medicinal benefits of plants. Sure, they want to use that knowledge to weaponize what they find and overcharge sick people in a sick system. But if you steal their data, you can use it to heal yourself without their interference.

When it comes to risk analysis, productivity, and human resources tools, companies don't even bother to hide what they learn! No, they brag about it and publish it in smarmy management books and blather about it in TED talks and keynote speeches. They're practically begging you to steal it.

Plus they have the best clipart!

Second, because those same tools will be mercilessly used against you so you better know how they work. And you need to realize that even if you don't think of yourself as corporate, you are likely impacted by corporate interests.

Yes, maybe you are a pagan poet who works as a barista to pay the bills. Do you work as a barista for the green mermaid people? If so, you work for a major corporation, and if you want to keep paying those bills, you need to keep on top of corporate trends in your own industry. Ones that might make your job disappear or open up new opportunities. Interestingly, I don't know anything about the coffee sales industry. I found this information through about 15 minutes of Googling so it's not like it's time-consuming or hard. I've paid money for access to information that might impact my job -- and I consider it money well-spent.

Or maybe you want to find work in an office. Have you researched the completely unscientific and bogus personality assessment tools that HR departments are using to qualify -- and disqualify -- employees? If not, I recommend you do because you may be asked to take one and your answers could keep you from getting a job.

Not to mention the literal weaponization of these techniques that might just destroy the world: "...the flexible nature of hybrid warfare allows for more of a “trial-and-error” approach to foreign intervention, not unlike the agile development process used in marketing and technology firms."

Which is why this new series for 2018 (which I'm getting a late start on, please see previous post) is going to be all about digging deep into the tools and techniques that come from the corporate or government fields, analyzing how they are used and misused, and figuring out how we can jailbreak them and steal them for ourselves.

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At January 18, 2018 at 3:10 AM , Blogger Satiricismus said...

'The street finds its own uses for things.' - William Gibson

It is not just that we can or we should. It is that we must.

I am really looking forward to the new series.


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