Saturday, April 14, 2018

Gentle gentle gentle

Sometimes Mercury retrograde is an annoyance that I barely notice. Sometimes it comes with challenges, but only of a certain flavor (like miscommunication or technological glitches or travel annoyances). Rarely they are very, very hard on a number of different levels. I'm sure that a competent astrologer -- which I am not -- would be able to explain why a particular retro impacts someone a certain way.

I don't know my own planets well enough to give a reason, but this past week has just beat the hell out of me.

Monday the whole household woke up out of sorts: particularly the budding psychonaut who's "why should I care about school when we're going to get nuked soon" attitude is both relatable and annoying. All things electronic were completely unreliable, including the ice maker to our still newish fridge (how a broken ice maker can defrost the entire freezer, I don't know).

The festival of fun continued through the week. I suffered a series of daily migraines. People at work were anxious and cranky. I forgot important planned magic. I mishandled a potential new client. No one slept well. Friday I came home from work early and, while standing in the kitchen trying to decide between tea (smart!) and coffee (not so smart), realized that my eyes would not stay open another moment. I laid down for just ten minutes and woke up two hours later, groggy and confused.

And this morning I woke to discover that, contrary to all sanity and logic, the government had once again decided that bombing someone was the very best way to deal with with things. I'd say we're psychic except that there's no one who didn't see this huge mistake coming.

In the newsletter this week, I talked about things to try when you are not at your best. And certainly my recent post on Making Your Own Sense is apropos at this time. But sometimes, no matter how much you try, it's just going to be a challenge. This is the time when I try to remind myself to be gentle with myself. Because being practical and proactive can't always mitigate everything.

Gentle gentle gentle -- let us all be gentle with ourselves and each other... and pray a prayer for peace.

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