About Me

I am a project management professional... a witch... and a tarot reader.

I help my clients create the best possible future for themselves.

How do I do it?
I combine my 3 unique skillsets in a way that serves my clients to make the most of their lives and indeed create the future they want. To do this, I bring together 3 circles: project management, Tarot, and magic.

The basis and first circle is over 10 years experience in project and program management, with a track record of success.

I've built an extremely successful career by helping companies:

  • Plan strategic goals and navigate projects to a successful result
  • Initiate, plan, and direct projects and individuals to get things done
  • Solve knotty problems while avoiding or mitigating risks

There is a reason why I’m paid very handsomely for this.
And now I bring the same level of professionalism and attention to work for you.
Because, after all, are your goals and projects any less important?

The second circle is 30 years experience as a Tarot reader. I started in my very early teens and I'm also a second generation reader, following my grandmother. As for my work, all my Tarot readings have a singular, pragmatic focus: “What to do now?” This serves to empower you to reach your goals and avoid (or mitigate) the inevitable shocks along the way.

The readings also serve as launchpad for a re-visioning of your life based on sound project management principles: intelligent goal setting, project planning, and a risk analysis.

In that respect, what I do is not fortune telling.
It’s fortune creating.
Because knowledge is power. And power + process is the key to success.

The third and last circle is magic. Which, to put it shortly, is just an ability to harness certain principles and powers to create desired change. I’ve been doing magic since childhood and I know it works. My experience includes folk magic, planetary and elemental magic, Wicca, classic witchcraft, intuitive spellcraft, and a passing familiarity with Hermetics and Kabbalah.

These are the three layers which unite in one focus:

Because you may never know what futures may be possible for you.
But there is power in knowing you can shape your life... and greater power in knowing how.

If you wish to know more, please reach out and start crafting your success: ivy@circlethrice.com.


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