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This blog has three areas of interest:
  • Sustainable sorcery -- the practice of using magic to create and support sustainable systems. This includes both practical methods as well as philosophical underpinnings to surviving in a fundamentally unsustainable world.
  • Black swan theory and divination -- using the ideas outlined by Nassim Taleb in his books to create methods that can be used with various types of divination. Barbell investing, avoiding the Ludic fallacy, creating anti-fragility.
  • Practical Magic Project Management -- project planning, risk mitigation, and agile methodologies for magicians. Let's put some practical back into our magic.
The Rules for Them and The Rules for You (the most important thing I've ever written)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
You Are the Traffic
Look Where you Want to Go


Special Series: 2017 Agile New Year
2017 The Year of Being Agile:
End Game
Agile Method and Magic
To Light the Way
Jet-lag Update
Working enchantment over comprehensive philosophy
Spiritual collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan
Active Management
Agile Risk Management, Part One
Agile Risk Management, Object Analysis, the Easy Part
Agile Risk Management, Informed Intuition, the Hard Part

The Early to Bed / Early to Rise (EBER) Project
The End of Summer - and Things to Come
Getting Started Guide
It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Goals and Tasks
Connecting the Dots
The Bullet Ephemeris
Epics and Stories
Backlog and Schedule and Phases, Oh My!

The Shrine of St. Taleb
Black Swans on the Wing
Which Butterfly?
The Turkey and The Farmer -- Black Swan Divination
Black Swan Divination Part Two
Antifragile A Magical Introduction Part One
Your Personal Fragility Inventory Tool
Antifragile A Magical Introduction Part Two
THIS Butterfly -- smashing teacups for a better tomorrow
Butterfly Hunting for Fun and Profit
An Offering at the Shrine of St. Taleb
Whether the Weather

The Process Groups
Agile Magic
Goal Setting
Goals and Dreams
Project Kickoff
Planning One
Planning Two
Planning Three
Project Execution
Qualitative Analysis
The Work you are Called to do
Shit Multiplies
The Deep Occulted Secret about Planning
Case Study: Project Ivy
Change Agent
What Organization ISN'T For
Eating My Own Dog Food
Project Ivy: First Steps
Project Ivy: Status Update
Look Where you Want to Go
Project Ivy: Pivot
Project Ivy: End Game

Food Sustainability
Sustain-ability Kickoff
The Anti-Rant Rant
The Pemmican Edition
Money, Money, Money, Money
The Economy Sucks, Suck Harder
Worst Case Scenario Planning
Putting By
Shit Multiplies
Redundancy Case Study
Looking Down at Your Own Ground
Too Much Shit
Real Things
Low Ocean
Neutral Territory
Home Economics
Making Things Ourselves
Household Magic -- Running a Kitchen
The Other Option
Bitches Get Shit Done

Mind War
Part One -- Mind Virus
Part Two -- Mental Health
Part Three -- How much do you trust your government?
Part Four -- A Little Bit Crazy
Part Five -- Jailbreaking your Mind
Part Six -- All My Little Boxes
Part Seven -- Beware the Narrative
Part Eight -- Thought Crime
Part Nine -- Memetic Reverse-Engineering and Self-Innoculation
Part Ten -- This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

The Food Posts
Food Sustainability
The Food Post
Eat Less Shit
Magical Eating in a Mundane World
Sustain-ability: The Pemmican Edition
Sustain-ability: Putting By
Sustain-ability: Household Magic - Running a Kitchen

Risk and Issue Management
Risk Management One
Risk Management Two
Root Cause Analysis
Solve for X
Risk Analysis Example: Housing
Sustain-ability: Worst Case Scenario Planning
Risk Mitigation Case Study -- President Trump Edition: Part One, Post Mortem
Risk Mitigation Case Study -- President Trump Edition: Part Two, Resurrection
Low Ocean
Agile Risk Management, Part One
Agile Risk Management, Object Analysis, the Easy Part
Agile Risk Management, Informed Intuition, the Hard Part

Updated 8 October 2017


  1. Great links and a great intro to your blog's key elements. But the PMPM link is broken. Looks like an incomplete URL. Figured you'd want to know.

  2. Fixed! And thank you for pointing it out.

  3. Hello Ivy. Wonderful interview on Rune Soup (left a comment there as well--via Amanda N), where I found out about you. Very excited to read your blog and learn from it. Thank you for the generosity of spirit and insights!

  4. I too found you via Gordon's podcast. On Monday morning I got A Very Clear Sign(tm) that it's time to find a better job, so I've got a project that I can apply my learnings to.


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