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The Rules for Them and The Rules for You (the most important thing I've ever written)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
You Are the Traffic
Look Where you Want to Go


Special Series: 
Steal from the Rich -- Robin Hood the Shit Out of 2018
2017 Agile New Year

The Shrine of St. Taleb
Mind War
The Food Posts
Risk and Issue Management

Personal Projects

The Early to Bed / Early to Rise (EBER) Project (Autumn 2017 - Autumn 2020)
Project Ivy (Autumn 2016 - Autumn 2017)

Updated 7 May 2018


  1. Great links and a great intro to your blog's key elements. But the PMPM link is broken. Looks like an incomplete URL. Figured you'd want to know.

  2. Fixed! And thank you for pointing it out.

  3. Hello Ivy. Wonderful interview on Rune Soup (left a comment there as well--via Amanda N), where I found out about you. Very excited to read your blog and learn from it. Thank you for the generosity of spirit and insights!

  4. I too found you via Gordon's podcast. On Monday morning I got A Very Clear Sign(tm) that it's time to find a better job, so I've got a project that I can apply my learnings to.


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