Multiverse Divination
"Ivy provided a detailed write up of what the rewards and pitfalls of each might be. Additionally, Ivy hit on a situation that I had not explained and was able to get as close to explaining it as anyone would be, without knowing the details. There was a final synopsis at the end to help me sum up what the whole reading said, in a nutshell, which was very handy. Thumbs up!"
  -- Magus Trent Boswell (on his Facebook)

"I have had some experience with readers before but when it comes to important questions, I keep my distance and the prerogative of healthy dose of skepticism.
Tarot readers don't live my life. I do.

"But what Ivy did really surprised me.
Since I prefer to direct my life to just asking "what's going to happen me", I chose the Multiverse Divination.

"Sure enough - I got the reading, but what a reading that was! At times I felt like Ivy knew me personally since I was a kid.
Mind you, we never met.

"The depth and clarity of reading surpassed any of my previous experiences and the indicated pros, cons and stated suggestions were both deep and at the same time infinitely practical.
That alone makes the reading well worth the money and I'll be sure to work with Ivy again."
  -- Tomas B

Black Swan
"The black swan aspect is fascinating and potentially life changing in deeply beautiful ways... All in all I think your concept is progressive in that it establishes a method to enhance one's life in substantial ways if used proactively. "
  -- Nava Shira

"In my opinion what really sets your style of reading apart from many others is the honed precision that contextualizes each card by virtue of its narrower scope of coverage than, say, the position of a card within a basic Celtic Cross. So while some of the cards you pulled are the same as others or myself have pulled in less-targeted spreads (and to me the reappearance of a card seems to confirm the loudness of its message and also the intuitive skills of all readers who get the same hit), the context your reading offers makes each card's information even more precise and usable..."
   -- Sarah Falkner

"All in all I'm quite happy with the results. Everything makes perfect sense. I do think that had I done this reading myself and received the same cards, the advice probably wouldn't stick as well; but Black Swan Divination looks like it will be really helpful in future."
   -- Alexandra Moyer


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