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I've built a successful career as a project manager and have years of experience. I currently manage a portfolio of projects worth two million dollars and have a team of a dozen people.

Companies hire project managers because they know they need certain skills to reach their strategic objectives and business goals. Companies hire me because, well, I am really good at helping them do that.

And personal goals? I'm pretty good at those too.

Ironically, my success isn't because I am naturally organized and motivated. I've actually struggled with procrastination all my life. I'm sympathetic to how hard it can be to successfully reach your goals. My success came from overcoming those tendencies and figuring how how to trick myself into doing the things I need to do. I did that through a combination of leveraging my strengths and combining my mundane PM skills with practical magic.

Are you:
  • Unsure of what comes next in your life? With a combination of divination and planned research, I can help point you in the right direction.
  • Sure of what you want, but not sure how to get it? Through agile planning and management, we can iterate on the right solutions.
  • Have a solid goal, but can't seem to make traction? Habit formation and anti-procrastination tools, along with a thoughtfully-construction plan, can get you where you want to be.
Do you:
  • Struggle with procrastination or disorganization?
  • Fumble while juggling too many plans, projects, and responsibilities?
  • Need to form better habits to reach your goals?
  • Just need a solid plan and help executing it?
I can help. 

There are a couple of caveats...
  • First, I'm not a therapist or a life coach. I have a pragmatic approach for getting stuff done. With me, it's all about the motivation and the doing.
  • Second, my techniques work best with realistic goals. If you want to write a book or publish a book, I can help you craft a plan... if you want to be the next JK Rowling, well there are no guarantees. I will suggest integrated magic to help you improve the odds though. 
  • Third, you are the expert on you. You have the power and responsibility. I have the tools and techniques to help you be your best you, but you own it. In the end, you have to step up and do the work and make the magic.
How does it work? In one hour increments. You can have as many sessions as you feel are useful (though regular sessions work better than sporadic ones). My rate is $150 an hour, however if you decide to commit to multiple sessions in advance, I can provide a discount and regular email or text message reminders of tasks to induce habit formation or encourage accountability. I have a large toolkit and a wealth of experience to draw on. Frequency depends on your timeline, complexity, and where you are in your plan.

That's a big commitment, I know. So here's my guarantee:

If you ever feel like a session was off-track or not useful, we can retry it for free. If it's still not working for you, I will reimburse that session and any future paid sessions. Your sessions should be productive and focused, leaving you with tasks and milestones to work on and improved motivation and energy.

Ready to make your goals happen and your plans manifest? Then email me today and tell me what it is you are looking to accomplish or the open questions you are trying to resolve. We'll discuss how to work together to make it happen.

Note: 10% of my proceeds to go homeless charities (primarily here in the PDX area)

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