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The Black Swan Divination
-- See what shocks are coming in your life and what to do about it now --

The Multiverse Divination

-- Forget about fortune telling... Create your fortune --

The Life-Crafting Divination
-- Can't decide which reading is best for you? Get the best of both! --

-- Interested in a reading but need or want something a bit lighter? Try a mini version of one of my readings --


  1. I got a really interesting reading with Ivy, laying out the potentials for several different situations. Ivy provided a detailed write up of what the rewards and pitfalls of each might be. Additionally, Ivy hit on a situation that I had not explained and was able to get as close to explaining it as anyone would be, without knowing the details. There was a final synopsis at the end to help me sum up what the whole reading said, in a nutshell, which was very handy. Thumbs up!

  2. Wow. I must say this intrigues me deeply. I shall be watching.


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