The Black Swan Divination

-- See what shocks are coming in your life and what to do about it --

What is the Black Swan Divination?
The Black Swan Divination is an integrated three part reading designed to keep you from getting blindsided by the unknown-unknowns. Not only does it tell you what shocks are coming in your life and what the outcome will be, it gives you solid advice on how to react to those shocks.

This reading is very different than others you may have had. Unlike a general Celtic Cross, this reading is based on your specific life context and the result includes practical advice for what to do. The Black Swan Divination doesn't just tell you what's going to happen, it outlines the correct response to those events -- whether you avoid them, react to them, or even benefit from them.

About the Black Swan
Nassim Nicholas Taleb proposed the concept of a Black Swan in his seminal work of the same name.

A Black Swan is an event that:
  1. Is a surprise
  2. Has a major effect
  3. Is rationalized after the fact (we should have seen this coming)
Our modern works is filled with the opportunity for Black Swans -- negative and positive. Taleb talks about environments that are prone to having extreme effects come from very minor causes. He calls this Extremistan, and we all live there. Small inputs can have outsized results -- Black Swan events.

Here's an example from Bertrand Russell: There's a turkey living on the farm. He's fat and happy. Life is good. Every day the farmer feeds him and he has to do nothing but grow large and fat and idle about on the farm. In his experience, this is the entirety of existence and will go on forever. But when Thanksgiving comes, the turkey will experience a Black Swan of terminal impact. The unpredictable -- the unthinkable -- will happen.

The farmer, on the other hand, has no such illusions. He knows what happens when autumn comes. It's no Black Swan for him as he feeds the bird and it's no Black Swan when he swings the ax.

Be the farmer, not the turkey.

Price: $200 - includes reading and two options for results:
  • A full written debrief and follow-up via email. My reports typically run 6-10 pages and are thorough and comprehensive. They include photos of the entire layout for later reference. Ask any follow up questions by email.
  • NEW: a 1-hour Skype consultation. Let's discuss your reading in real time. Any any questions you have directly.

Results delivered by:

How my readings work:
  1. Click that button up there.
  2. Make sure I have the email you want me to use. 
  3. After I receive payment, you will receive a short form via within 48 hours.
    My readings operate very differently than the typical Celtic Cross. I will need certain high-level details (areas of your life, long-term goals, etc.).
  4. Return the form. You will receive a response within 7 to 10 business days.
    Why so long? I do have a day job and they have my first loyalty.

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"The black swan aspect is fascinating and potentially life changing in deeply beautiful ways... All in all I think your concept is progressive in that it establishes a method to enhance one's life in substantial ways if used proactively. "
  -- Nava Shira

"In my opinion what really sets your style of reading apart from many others is the honed precision that contextualizes each card by virtue of its narrower scope of coverage than, say, the position of a card within a basic Celtic Cross. So while some of the cards you pulled are the same as others or myself have pulled in less-targeted spreads (and to me the reappearance of a card seems to confirm the loudness of its message and also the intuitive skills of all readers who get the same hit), the context your reading offers makes each card's information even more precise and usable..."
   -- Sarah Falkner

"All in all I'm quite happy with the results. Everything makes perfect sense. I do think that had I done this reading myself and received the same cards, the advice probably wouldn't stick as well; but Black Swan Divination looks like it will be really helpful in future."
   -- Alexandra Moyer


1. What's different about your Black Swan Divination (AKA: why is it worth it)?
This is a totally legitimate question. There are tons of skilled readers out there and I certainly don't claim to have cornered the market on divination ability. The Black Swan Divination has several unique characteristics:
  • It's a comprehensive life reading in three parts. The reading asks what's going to happen in major domains of your life. For those areas where a major upset -- either positive or negative -- is coming (a Black Swan) it then suggests where to look for more information and gives you the most likely outcome. Finally, for outcomes that are potentially negative or highly uncertain, it digs deep and tells you what to do about them. This reading assumes that major upsets are a natural part of the life cycle to plan for and deal with rather than "bad luck."
  • It's customized specifically to your life. You get to choose the domains that apply to you (are you a student? do you have kids? do you have a career or a business or both?). In addition, each reading includes the enigmatic "unknown" category, which helps you identify the unknown-unknowns. This category frequently proves highly useful.
  • It's cross-functional. Domains often cross over into one another and the reading often reveals links between one area of your life and another. The way the reading is laid (in parts with the potential to see cards reappear as you dig deeper) often provides very specific information about how to deal with issues or where to look for solutions.
  • It's broad in scope (looking at multiple areas) and in depth (continuing to dig deeper and deeper). The number of cards interpreted are typically between 18 and 36. Yet the writeup is designed to clarify and not confuse. Each writeup concludes with overview points and common themes.
2. Is this the same reading you were giving for free before?
Not quite. The readings that I was recruiting volunteers to try out included only the first two parts of the divination. It also did not include quite as extensive of a writeup or the pictures of the layouts. Frankly, these readings take quite a bit of time and I can't keep doing them gratis.

3. Do you prescribe magical and/or mundane solutions based on the reading?
Such a good question! My readings are pragmatic, but not prescriptive. I interpret the cards and base suggestions on what they say. My skills here are intuiting the messages in the cards, finding patterns and themes across the layout, and suggesting broadly how to approach any problems. In order to provide detailed consulting (for avoiding a Black Swan, launching a PMPM working, meeting a goal, performing a risk analysis, or making a life-change) I need to work more closely and directly with you... which is a whole other thing.

4. What about your other readings? 
I have several other readings, some published on my blog and some that have only been delivered to volunteers. Some of these may become available. Others really only work in the context of a detailed consulting session (like an interactive Skype). And there are some that are small and I think need more surrounding context, like a series of lessons on the topic. If there's something you'd like to work on with me, please let me know.

5. Who are you again?
I'm a Tarot reader with 30 years experience (I started in my very early teens). I'm also a second generation reader. My grandmother used to read with a Tarocchi playing card deck (what I wouldn't give to have that deck today). In addition, I'm a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 10 years experience in project management and business analysis. This means that companies pay me to help them achieve their business goals. Finally, I'm a witch who's been doing magic as far back as I can remember.

Thanks again for all the questions and interest. If you have any questions, feel free to email me and hey, if you want a reading, check out the Services page.


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