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I Am Not A Life Coach

Every so often I get a comment or question from a consulting client that I think is worth responding to. One of the thing I make very clear on my Work With Me page and when I talk to potential clients is that I am not a life coach. Recently someone was like "but aren't you though?"

I gave it some thought, but I really don't think I am... and here's why:

First of all, it's not easy to define exactly what a life coach even is. The general consensus is that is has to do with helping people live their best lives. But there are tons of different ways that can happen apparently and different people focus on different things.

And yeah, that can includes things like goal setting and habit forming, which are things that I do. But it also includes more emotional, touchy-feeling things that I do not do. Like helping people eliminate unhelpful thought patterns or have a more positive attitude.

I'm just not feeling focused. Not that I want to make people feel badly, m…
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Talking about Organizing Enchantment with Alan Fuller

I was so pleased to be invited to chat with Alan Fuller on his Coffee with the Shaman Witch video podcast! Alan is the author of The Spell in My Pocket (a book that I highly recommend) and offers magic, tarot readings, and Shamanic training on his site, The Shaman Witch.

We talked about the intersection of project management and practical enchantment as well as being a witch, the best way to use the tarot, and how to keep your magic agile.

Check out the episode on YouTube here

PMPM - Free! Flash Consulting Sessions

Wondering if Practical Magic Project Management consulting is right for you?
Intrigued at how the tools can be used together to solve a real-world problem?  Like the idea, but are nervous about the cost or commitment?
Have a small issue that you need some help with?
For a limited time, I'm offering free 20-minute flash sessions. Completely free (yes really!), no commitment (I promise) trial-sized sessions.

Here's how it works:
Book a free half-hour intro session below (you will not be billed but I will send you the Agile Magic Manifesto after confirming your email -- also free!).Email me a single issue or question you need help with before your session.Skype me at when your session time arrives. Like lighting we will go over some magical and mundane ideas to get you pointed in the right direction. In 20 minutes I can: Suggest ways of solving a problemHelp you learn how to prioritize your effortsScope a goalDeal with a challengeProvide a tool for making a dec…

Sustain-ability: Three Big Ideas for Household Magic

I'm a big believer in the power of a household. The past four days (it's a long weekend in the US and I made it even longer with an extra day off) we've been focusing on household stuff, which means I have household magic on the brain. Here are a few things to try in your own household.

Reverse Stockpiling
You know I'm a big believer in stockpiling both magic and mundane things for a future time. However, just putting things aside is only half the work. In order to keep the household magic flowing, you have to use those things. Consider the following very simple recipe (which we made on Saturday:

Green Chili Stew
1lb grass fed beef stew meat
Frozen roasted Hatch green chili
Onion and Garlic
Vegetable broth

Blend chili, onion, garlic, broth, and salt into a thick sauce
Brown mean in oil in pressure cooker
Add sauce and cook under high pressure for 12 minutes
Natural decompress
Eat with corn tortillas

Now consider the actual steps…

EBER Project -- Crossroads

In case you are coming in late to this, the Early to Bed, Early to Rise (EBER) Project is a three-year personal project with the goals of Health, Wealth (really prosperity), and Wisdom for our household. By the way, I reworked the overly long Index page into sub-pages, so you can see all the EBER posts right here.

I haven't blogged about this project in a bit, but that doesn't mean I'm not still working it. After my year end wrap-up I decided that an interim phase was warranted to reset my thinking. This is exactly the sort of thing that works great for really long projects. After all, if you create an initial plan and never look at it again, there's no way you'd be on target at the end. There's just too much chance for change.

I'm kind of at a crossroads in this project (and considering it's length it probably won't be the last one). I have some really good baseline stuff in place, but there are some decisions to make as to how to move on from here…

Robin Hood 2018: Thank Your Local IT Geek

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled posts to bring you a public service message on security.

A wise person once told me to always befriend your company's admins. They basically run the place and suffer under the yoke of having lots of accountability but little authority. Another person at your company you should get to know is your IT person. Because they have useful knowledge that can help keep you safe at home and at work.

Disclaimer, I'm not a security expert nor do I play one on TV. You may disagree with some of these points, however the advice was given to me by people who should know, including my workplace, my bank, etc. Here's a short todo list for those of you don't have as much exposure to or tolerance for IT security:

Call your cell phone carrier TODAY and restrict number port access with some kind of long and hard to crack passcode. There's an exciting new scam going on where someone will steal your phone number by porting it to a different carrier. The…

Sustain-ability: The Dishes of Life

When I was a young woman, I had this theory that I called "the dishes of life." It was a modern take on the Zen "before enlightenment chop wood, carry water...." The idea being that no matter what weirdness or enchantment or, yes, enlightenment was going on in your life, the dishes still had to get done.

It just resonated more with me than chopping wood. And it was also closer to how to be an adult in our modern world. Yes, the dishes "have to" get done, but not because you'll freeze to death or go thirsty without them. It's because being in the world requires a certain amount of ongoing order creation to be manageable. You don't really have to wash the dishes, right? You can use paper plates or get takeout or just scrub the one pot or plate you need when you need it. Doing the dishes is about maintaining order in your life.
After a recent post that talked about my various personal maxims, a dear friend of mine jokingly suggested that I make …