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What's going on here anyway?

Looks like I have some new readers. Welcome!

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If you have questions, suggestions, or want to hire your own personal project manager, email me: ivy@circlethrice.…

Mind War: Part Six -- All My Little Boxes

This post has taken a really long time to finish. In part it's because it's been a rough couple of weeks, both out there in the world and in my household. It's also because I've needed to employ the techniques in this email quite heavily during that time, which made it hard to write about. You'll see what I mean...

I think the first time I really understood the nature of the challenge was just over a decade ago.  This was back when I was in more of an individual contributor type role at my job. I was invited to attend a day long conference session hosted by a large tech company in a nearby town. We had purchased this company's platform software and they were hosting a show and tell of various tool vendors for local platform subscribers. Basically, this company hosted the venue and provided food and snacks. The vendors had tables with free swag and marketing material. And each vendor had a presentation to sell us on their software tool. Cost to us: $0.00.

So we&…

Eyes Wide Open

The post I've been trying to write for the past few weeks is not working (it keeps getting longer and longer, but it's not saying what I want to say).

I pride myself on being able to see the truth and still keep my head. For example, I've known for years that the "few bad apples" narrative is bullshit and that the situation is much more dire than most good people can bring themselves to admit. And when my kid, the budding psychonaut (as Gordon once christened her), comes home and says "World War III has already started" I don't dismiss it.

But things that kind of observation can become overwhelming and I've needed a bit of a break. This past week, I had the opportunity to attend an intercultural training session. It was useful and interesting, as I suspected, but it was also nurturing and comforting and a safe space from the crazy wider world. And I hadn't realized how much I needed that.

The next two weeks are very busy for me, but I'm …