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Sustain-ability: Home Economics

When I was in middle school, in the late 1980s (yes kids, I'm old), HomeEc was for losers. Seriously, it was an easy A for girls who weren't smart or ambitious, who's life goals involved marrying an airman so they could escape our shitty little town and see the world (An Officer and a Gentleman resembled my hometown to a striking degree, except with younger girls).

I didn't take HomeEc. I took science and math and AP classes. I was headed for college and a more self-directed way escape our shitty little town and see the world (method, different; goal, the same). Which meant that when I did go off to college, I was singularly unprepared for the practicalities of adult life. I couldn't cook, or do laundry effectively. I didn't know how bills worked or how to rent a place to live. I was good with my checkbook (all that math) but not so good at making the money last. Interestingly, I could sew and mend and knit, because my mom enjoyed those things and was willing t…

The Year of Being Agile -- Jet-lag Update

I was in recently in the Far East for a week and the jet-lag has been pretty brutal. Some people get directional jet-lag (moving East worse than moving West or the reverse), but I always get hit with the jet-lag much worse on my return home.

This is because I can't afford to be jet-lagged when I get there. First, because I'm in a different country and want to enjoy every damn minute of it that I'm not working. Second, because I'm, hello, working.

And that is why this advertisement bugs the hell out of me:

I mean girl, you are in Tokyo! With the top of the Skytree outside your window! Turn off the TV, and get yourself up and moving! Keep that sun on your face (you're lucky to have it, jet-lag is much worse when it's cloudy). You're in one of the most amazing cities on the planet, and one that's safe and easy to navigate without a word of Japanese. OMG, don't waste it.

Also, don't look with skepticism upon the Japanese toilet until you've trie…

The Year of Being Agile -- Individuals and interactions over hierarchy and rules

As part of my year of being agile, I'm going to explore each of the four values in my Agile Magic Manifesto in order to a) help create actionable items and b) define my own plan for the year (one of the secret benefits to blogging is that writing about stuff helps you get shit straight in your own head).

Individuals and interactions over hierarchy and rules

This isn't just about the hierarchy of magical orders or who's who in the occult or Pagan communities. This is about levels or divides that keep us from connecting in real ways. It's about external rules that dictate who you talk with or what you can believe. It's about "real" news versus "fake" news. It's about building, and defending, community. It's how we stay out of the bubble.

I'm focusing on people I trust rather than institutions (just like Martin Armstrong predicted, dammit). I'm prioritizing the experiences of those I care about and their lives rather than some sweepi…